PRS SE Silver Sky - How good is John Mayer's SE guitar, really?

Learn more about the PRS SE Silver Sky:

In this video, Brian and Bradford review the new PRS SE Silver Sky. The SE Silver Sky is the import/SE version of the John Mayer Silver Sky signature guitar. At $850, it's a LOT of guitar for the money. We love it.

Table of contents:
00:00 - Playing Sample 1
01:11 - Intro/Welcome
03:10 - Playing Sample 2
03:59 - Playing Sample 3
05:04 - SPEC TIME!
13:35 - Playing Sample 4
14:42 - Fit, Finish, Feel
16:47 - How does the neck feel (and compare to the Core Silver Sky)
18:32 - How do the frets and playability feel
19:59 - How the tremolo is set up from the factory
20:56 - The most important questions about feel and quality
21:45 - Would we upgrade anything?
22:55 - Playing Sample 5
23:58 - Playing Sample 6
24:57 - Tone/pickups - how do these pickups sound in this guitar (playing through the pickup positions)
25:16 - Our amp setup for this section
26:05 - Pickup Positions - Demonstration
27:30 - Our thoughts on the pickups
28:28 - What the guitar sounds like with light overdrive
29:41 - Demonstration of bigger gain and rolling the volume back
31:19 - Playing Sample 6
32:19 - Conclusion and final thoughts
35:48 - This is where we nerd out about John Mayer for a while (John if you are watching, skip to this section)


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