Pso2 Retem Jet-Boot Bouncer Guide

This is my Bouncer Guide! Feel free to share any bouncer related Tips below! and also I encourage you to use the navigation at your Discretion it is a long video!

I am a Novice game designer who has been playing Pso2 since last year. I have no Bias to either Sega, or Pso2 as a franchise. I do not Work for Sega however I am in a privileged position to make assumptions about the games systems, and script due to my background.

intro + contents 00:00
Bouncer PA 00:18
Tech 02:43
Skill tree 06:39
basic tips 11:09
Intermediate tips 12:21
Advanced Tips + Subclass 14:24
Gearing 16:34

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Music is Copyright of Sega, and composed by Mitsuharu Fukuyama
Pso2 OST - ~ Anga Fhandarge

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