[PSO2:NGS] Step by Step Leveling Guide - Level 1 to 20+

Time Stamps Below!

PSO2 OST - Valhalla
PSO2 OST - Central Mother Probe (Scenery)
PSO2 OST - Greenscape Probe - Naberius (Scenery)

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0:00 Introduction
0:32 Linking Account (Skip if you don't have an old account)
1:28 Choosing a Ship
3:03 Player ID (Account Name)
3:40 Changing your Player ID
4:23 Character Creation
4:34 Selecting a Class
5:10 Tutorial
5:22 Graphics, Game, Keyboard Settings
7:33 Continue with Main Story
7:49 Changing Classes
8:19 Class Skills (Skill Tree)
9:10 N-Reset All Skills
9:29 830 Battle Power Quest
10:59 How to cause PSE Bursts
13:01 Leah May's Side Quests
14:09 Unlocking Dailies and Weeklies
14:31 950 Battle Power Quest
15:42 Exploration and Cocoons
16:58 Red Boxes
18:41 How I got 969 Battle Power
20:38 1100 Battle Power Quest
23:40 How I got 1100 Battle Power
25:41 New Aelio Boss Fight
29:02 Arriving in Retem
29:13 Why I didn't upgrade any gear
30:18 Upgrading Time
31:26 Grinding Time
32:03 Achieved 1275 BP
33:21 Questing for Levels
34:35 Conclusion

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