Pt 1.: Butcher by Cosmic Terror comparison Matamp GT120 vs. Sunn Beta Lead Tides Aluminium Guitar

The Butcher is a tuned to doom fuzz face with extra loudness added to its circuit. This thing rips your head off with an Hendrix like attitude!

The Butcher will be released in early 2022!!

Signal Chain:
Butcher into Lehle Splitter into Sonic Doom for Sunn Beta Lead (left one) and into Sonic Doom for Matamp GT120 (right one).

Sunn Beta Lead plus Sunn Concert Slave into Cosmic Terror 6x12’’ Monolith loaded with Eminence Delta LFA 12’’ recorded by Beyer Dynamic TGI 51 Eminence Swamp Thang 12’’ recorded by Sure SM-57

Matamp GT 120 into Cosmic Terror 4x12’’ Iron Chariot loaded with Celestion Red Back 12’’ recorded by MD 421 Senheiser Eminence Swamp Thang 12’’ recorded by M 201 TG Beyer Dynamic

Matamp GT120 slaved by Sunn SA 21 into 2x15’’ Iron Chariot loaded with Eminence Kappa LFA 15’’ recorded with Aston Spirit

Custom TIDES Full Aluminium Guitar tuned to A standard Neck Bareknuckle Stockholm P90 Middle
Mid Output Humbucker
Bridge Bareknuckle Stockholm P90

Recorded by Ben
Intro Song : Bongbongbeerwizards- Summoning

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