P.T. Go Home - HT8955 based delay demo

Demo of my circuit, the P.T. Go Home.
It's based on the HT8955 digital delay line + km4164b DRAM ic. The HT8955 is functionally superior to the Pt2399 and easier to source than BBD Delay ics. Accompanied with the 4146 64k DRAM it can achieve delay times up to 2 milliseconds and is not noisy at longer delay times. Other great features include the ability to vary the sample rate, giving you even longer delay times and some nice digital distortion (if you enjoy the sound of aliasing as i do), and included in my circuit are independent dry and wet mix pots.
If you didn't know, +2 milliseconds of delay time allows you to achieve comb filtering, flanging, chorus and a menagerie of weird and spacey fx with an lfo of various shapes and speeds modulating the delay time.
The delay time and sample rate will not be modulated via control voltage, you'll need some home made vactrols for that endeavor.
Hope you have fun experimenting with this!

If you're worried about the high frequency interference - I'm working with a poor man's setup and a noisy PSU in an area rife with radio frequencies, once my circuits are built and boxed all this noise magically disappears!

Schematic link:
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