QDX: new digital transceiver kit by QRP Labs

4 band 5W transceiver (5W at 9V supply)
80/40/30/20m solid state band and tx/Rx switching.
Built-in 24-bit 48ksps USB sound card.
Built-in USB virtual COM serial for CAT control.
High performance embedded SDR SSB receiver.
Single signal Class D push pull transmitter.
Built-in signal generator and test tools.
Synthesized VFO with TCXO reference.
Optional enclosure 89 x 63 x 25mm.

$60 QDX, $20 optional enclosure.
Ordering opens 11-Oct-2021 at 1800 UT.
See http://qrp-labs.com

NOTE: Terminal utilities shown in this video allow the user to experiment with changing configuration parameters, investigate modes, debug CAT issues, many interesting things... but the terminal utilities are NOT needed for ordinary operation of the radio and for the vast majority of operators, it will never be necessary to use the terminal.
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