Quad Cortex v Kemper Captures v Profiles

Greg investigates the sound differences between Kemper Profiles and Quad Cortex Captures.

0:00 Intro amp wall
0:22 Welcome
0:56 Amps are the core of our tone
2:45 Audio path comparison
4:18 Bassman Tele crunch
5:02 Bassman LP Drive
6:41 5D3 Deluxe Strat
7:22 Profiles and Captures v live amp
7:50 Rivera clean Gretsch
8:55 Rivera driven Les Paul Special
10:41 Refining
12:00 Surprise outcome
13:38 Different needs
15:03 Greg’s preferences
15:53 Quad more faithful
16:10 Only as good as what you put in
17:50 Which to buy?
18:50 Thanks
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