Questyle CMA15 Fifteen Flagship DAC & Headphone AMP

Questyle CMA15 Fifteen Flagship DAC & Headphone AMP



ES9038Pro Flagship DAC Chipset.
Four sets of Questyle’s self-developed Current-mode amplifier circuits


CMA Fifteen are made out of heavy gauge (10mm) anodized 6063 Aluminum alloy with a rather striking matte black finish. This is much heavier than most pieces of audio gear and is done to help reduce resonance and stabilize the ground.   

bass is neutral but has weight Slam impact and good definition

And Great Extension

Totally black background with zero noise

Mids are clear and well defined

Treble is clean and clear with good air

Very neutral sounding but good

Amazing with planar headphones ( best ive ever heard )

Excellent build and engineering

Awesome resolution and staging

Great separation and layering

The best amp dac combo ive ever heard for planars

Its a little pricey

Gain switches on bottom of unit ( didnt bother me )

Not the best ive ever heard with the 6xx

Questyle CMA FIfteen lacks balanced/XLR line-in

Sounds better wired than blu tooth but its mostly noticeable if you AB them
More detail

bias control switch allows you to select between Class A and class AB modes.

The “high” setting selects Class A, which is by some regarded as acoustically better; on the other hand, though, this increases power consumption significantly and makes the unit run hotter.

The “standard” setting selects Class A/AB, which makes it so that the amp switches to class AB when the output is below a threshold, saving power. Interestingly enough, this also leads to greater overall power output.

ES9038Pro Flagship DAC Chipset.
Four sets of Questyle’s self-developed Current-mode amplifier circuits.
Supports 32-Bit/768kHz PCM decoding.
Native DSD512 decoding.
MQA decoding support.
Classic Questyle Desktop Design.
High-quality performance with ultra-low distortion.
Clean background with High SNR ratings.
High-resolution Bluetooth with LDAC support(supported formats: SBC/AAC/LDAC).
Added Analog RCA input.
Supports 4.4mm+4-Pin XLR BAL headphone output.
USB Type-C high-priority input.
USB Type-B input.
Optical+Coaxial input.
Pre-AMP output with RCA and XLR output.
Output Parameters:-
Maximum output power(Single-Ended): 188mW@300Ω, 1.5W@32Ω.
Maximum output power(Bal): 765mW@300Ω, 2W@32Ω.
THD+N: 0.0003$@300Ω, 0.001%@32Ω.
Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-22kHz±0.2dB.
SNR(Single-Ended): 117dB.
SNR(Bal): 120dB.
Line-Out Parameters:-
Maximum Analog Output(RCA): 2V.
Maximum XLR Balanced Output: 4V.
THD+N(RCA): 0.0004%.
THD+N(XLR): 0.0003%.
SNR(RCA): 116dB.
SNR(XLER): 119dB.
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