Quick way to seriously improve your car audio - Speaker rings from Soundskins! Full stage 1 DIY

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I wanted to create a comprehensive way to approach improving both your car audio sound and the overall sound/noise in my car.

Because of that I have created a 'good', 'better' and 'best' approach for tackling this change.

Stage 1 is 'Good', with a simple and easy change that can make a dramatic difference in how your oem or upgraded system sounds.

Your existing speakers and even upgraded speaker system in your car needs help. In almost every case, there is a gap between your speakers in the door and the door card itself. This means sound is leaking out sideways as well as out the back of the speaker.

This is an incredibly EASY way of solving that problem and I think you will be surprised at the difference it makes immediately. Since the install, I feel the sound quality of my @BimmerTech alpha one speakers is better, richer and average volume is now slightly lower while driving.

Make sure to check this out and see how this excellent kit can make a very easy yet significant difference in your car as well.

If you would like to improve even further, make sure to check out my stage 2 and the end game stage 3 DIY videos!

Required parts and tools:
Soundskins speaker ring kit
T20 driver
plastic trim tool kit
Door car posts (if you need more) part number 51418224768

Nice to have:
Good lighting
Great music - Larkin Poe is just amazing, check them out!

Thanks for watching and please try everything at your own risk. All work shown in best faith and effort, do this at your own risk.

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