Raezer's Edge Custom Astra 1x12 Combo

The Raezers Edge Astra 112 is a true Class A amplifier combo. It’s a cathode bias design, hand wired in Wisconsin with the highest quality parts and components parts. But what is truly cool about this particular Class A amplifier is how quiet it runs in comparison to any other amp of similar design.

This is a 1×12 combo. Measures 15 watts at 8 ohms. Loaded with a KT88 output tube and a 12AX7 in the preamp.
Specially wound output transformer for single ended output.

An elegant yet simple preamp tone control. Designed to sculpt frequencies without squashing signal.

This is really the closest thing to a direct connection between your guitar and the speaker.
Comes standard loaded with a Jensen Jet Tornado Neo 12 speaker.

220V is available upon request.
Custom tolex, grille cloth and speaker options available upon request.
Padded cover included.

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