Random chord voicing exercise #11 - Freshman ukulele & Vox Mini Go 3 portable guitar amp experiment

From my ukulele diary 176
Recorded 19 October 2022 (written 9 August 2022)

Not playing enough chords these days...

I recorded this chord voicing exercise in the summer when this instrument had experimental baritone strings & Fremont Black Line low G.

Now, back to Aquila and Fremong wound low G, it sounds much more how I’d like it to be.

Chord progression:
Dm/A - Asus4/A - Am - Dm11/G - Bb6/G
Em11/G - A7/G - Bbjaj7b5 - A

Freshman concert ukulele (UKLKOAC)
iPadPro (video)
Rode NT4 stereo microphone
Zoom H5n
Vox Mini G 3 portable guitar amp
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