Real Student Pilot Solo Flights in a Piper PA28 - Circuits including Touch and Go!

Join me today as we take a look at some 4K footage from a recent solo flight during my path to obtaining my UK Private Pilots License.

We were flying in G-OWAR, a @Piper Aircraft, Inc. PA28 aircraft. Sadly, my GoPro experienced a technical failure which meant it decided to not record any audio at all (and from what I've read it's a frustrating downfall to the hardware) but nonetheless I've worked at creating a video for you all which I hope you enjoy!

It was a busy day in the circuit - plenty of aircraft departing, re-joining and also a private turboprop departing too. I was careful to maintain visual on all the aircraft nearby as I was airborne and used that to decide whether to land, or perform a touch-and-go.

It was the first time in over a month I'd flown solo - and the first time flying solo on Denham's Runway 24 too - which as I mention in the video, has the appearance of a steeper approach. In total, I enjoyed 6 takeoffs and 6 landings (including the T&Gs) and a nice mix of traffic within a busy circuit.

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