Reality of Saudi Arabia |Dark Secrets of Saudis |Saudi Arabia Concert |Riyadh Season 2021

Reality of Saudi Arabia | Dark secrets of Saudis | Saudi Arabia concert | Saudi Arabia concert 2021 | Riyadh Season 2021

If a former resident of Saudi Arabia were to visit today, they may think they’re in a different country. Gone are the partitions that separated women and men in restaurants and lines at fast food chains. Music, once banned in public, can be heard on the streets, blaring from eateries and parties. Mosque loudspeakers can now only broadcast the call to prayer and not the full service, except on Fridays and Eid.
This all comes as the kingdom’s de facto ruler, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, chips away at the power of the religious establishment that had long controlled every aspect of social and legal life in the birthplace of Islam.
The prince is introducing the changes slowly and without a stated plan, in contrast to his vision for the economy which comes with public goals and deadlines. The strategy carries risks for the prince if his reforms are seen to challenge Saudi Arabia’s special status in the Muslim world as the custodian of Islam’s two holiest sites, at a time when regional rival, Iran, has just elected a hardline president.

IN THIS VIDEO: Reality of Saudi Arabia | Dark secrets of Saudis | Yahoodi Saazish | Why Hajj Umrah is banned by Saudi Arabia? | Saudi Arabia concert | Saudi Arabia concert 2021 | Riyadh Season 2021

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