Recording Session Guitar: My Process (Death Metal Solo)

So a lot of guitarists would love to make some side cash doing session work online, but don't know where to start

Really most people are just missing a straight forward workflow, and a tone you can trust.

I do session work fairly regularly so i figured it would be helpful for some people to see my process of tracking a solo for a client

Tabs for sale here:

heres the band that hired me, very cool stuff check it out
ΣΧΕΔΟΝ ΝΕΚΡΟΣ (Greece) - Translates to "Almost Dead"

Band info:
Original backing track:

Gear used in this video

Shure Sm7b (Dynamic)
Avantone pro cr-14 (ribbon)
Stl Will Putney Amp Emulator
Lancaster Bogner Uberschall IR
Kiesel SCB6
Seymour Duncan JB jazz 50th anniversary pickups
D'addario Half gauge 10.5 strings
Dunlop Tortex Jazz iii 1.14 mm
Vintage Mesa Oversized Cab
EVH 5150 III 50 watt
Logic Pro X
SSl Six
Focusrite Saffire Pro 40
Tannoy Reveals
Pigtronix Gatekeeper
Pigrtonix Philosopher's Tone
Radial Twin City ABY splitter
Digitech Drop Pedal

tiktok - @phuzzy_slippers
[email protected]
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