Rectifying Upgrades & Achieving Incredible Sound!! | Behind The Sound - VW Golf GTI

In this video we show you the updated and rectified VW Golf GTI sound system, as well as how we tune it to sound perfect!

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This Mk7.5 Volkswagen Golf GTI has had an upgraded sound system already installed, using excellent components from Hertz and Audison to provide a much improved sound. The customer had the sound system fitted by another installer, which utilises a Hertz Mille Power 5 amplifier, an Audison Bit Ten processor and Hertz components within the car - but there's a few key points with this system that don't meet the customers needs, which is exactly why the car is with us.

When it arrived, the Golf is fitted with Hertz Mille Pro components, with a 2 way front end but also a 2 way rear end - however, both sets of components run through crossovers. This isn't always an issue, but this customer doesn't have the flexibility to adjust the sound system to meet their listening tastes. This is because when using a crossover, the same tuning and amplification settings are applied to both the tweeters and the woofers in the door, not allowing the sound stage to be adjusted.

To resolve this, we need to upgrade the customer's set up to allow the front end to run fully active, which involves changing a few components. We are adding an additional amplifier, the Hertz Mille Power 4, to help provide more power to the system, and upgrading the processor to an Audison Bit One, replacing the Audison Bit Ten.

The Mille Power 4 gives us a total of 9 channels of Amplification power to run the speakers in the car as well as the sub. We'll actually be running the Hertz Mille Power 5 amp as a 3 channel amp, with channels 1 & 2 bridged to a door woofer, channel 3 & 4 bridged to the other door, and channel 5 powering the sub. This allows the door woofers to be tuned independently from the tweeters, while also providing them with much greater power.

The Hertz Mille Power 4 will then be running the 2 front tweeters fully active, and the tweeters and woofers in the rear doors will be utilising crossovers, as they are simply providing rear fill and don't need to same level of control for this customers needs.

We are also upgrading the components themselves, as the previous installer told the customer that Audison Voce woofers would not fit in his doors. However, we know that is not the case, having run Voce's in our very own Golf demo car! This means we are changing the front end components to an Audison Voce 2 way set, and in the rear we will be fitting Audison Voce woofers alongside the Hertz Cento tweeters already fitted by the customer. We will also be retaining the Audison Prima 10" sub.

The vehicle also lacked any soundproofing, which meant a lot of sound was being lost through the doors, as well as rattles and resonations still being present. To solve this, we are fitting 50 sheets of Skinz soundproofing into the car, covering the doors and the boot, to create that perfect acoustic environment.

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