Redstuff Amplification VARISUCKER Tube Amp Attenuator - How To Connect It To Your Amp ???

The Redstuff VARISUCKER is a versatile power attenuator for tubeamps . It is available in 50 or 100 Watt edition , and allows you to attenuate the output power of your amp to 25% or 10% . It has an additional uncompensated D.I. output to feed your DAW or IR loader.
In this clip Jay Parmar shows you how to connect it to your amp .

Technical details

● max. power consumption 50 or 100 watts
● available in 4/8/16 Ohms
● switchable power attenuation to 1/4 or 1/10 power
● build in uncompensated D.I. (for your IR loader) the level pot is the D.I. output level
● 2 batwings for easy mounting
● build in selfpowered fan

for more go to https://redstuff-amps.de/page24/page2/ or conntact us via [email protected]

Also do not miss to visit Jays great YT channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/JayParmarGuitarist
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