Relaxing New Age Beats | Volume One | 1980-90’s

A set of tape recorded 1980-90’s new age -style beats.

Composed as relaxing background music, but also to be interesting enough for more attentive listening. Let it play while you are studying, gaming, having dinner, a walk, pondering your life - or doing whatever else ;-)

I hope you enjoy the music, subscribe & stay tuned - more soon!

9:08 Track 2
17:56 Track 3
27:01 changing tape
27:20 Track 4
36:04 Track 5
42:28 Track 6
53:09 Track 7
1:01:05 Track 8

Audio & video specs:

Tape deck: Revox B77 mk2 HS
Tape: RTM 911 / 15 ips

Camera: Panasonic Lumix S5IIx
Lens: Canon FD 55 mm f/1.2 SSC (1970s vintage)
LUT: Kodak 2383 print film emulation (by Blackmagic) + real film grain overlay
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