Resto/Mod of Flea-Power Tube Amp Part 2: New Output Transformers for the Magnavox AMP 196/DG-SE1

I'm restoring and modifying a vintage, single-ended tube amp pulled from a Magnavox console. In a series of videos, I'll replace the old, tiny output transformers with new, larger, Chinese Iwistao transformers. It's hard to find much information online about these transformers perhaps because no one wants to admit to using cheap, Chinese transformers. I've taken the plunge and bought some. I've done some measurements of frequency response and power bandwidth with the old transformers. Once I get the new transformers mounted and connected, I'll be measuring the new power bandwidth. My goal is to have "useable power" of 1.0 watts per channel over the entire audible range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. In this video, Part 2, I measure impedance and inductance on the primary of both old and new transformers, "repair" the dummy load for that purpose, prepare the chassis for the new transformers, and mount them.
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