Retro Rack Episode 5: Boss SE-50 + SE-70

In today's episode of Retro Rack, I pulled out the Rickenbacker and fired up the Boss SE-50 and SE-70 multi-effect boxes to see what kind of sonic combinations inspired some ideas. All parts are completely improvised except for the Bass and drums which I compose around whatever I've made up on guitar. This way I'm allowing the effects to inspire whatever is happening.

Signal flow: Grammatico model in the Helix goes stereo out to interface. Two of the sends on the back of the Helix feed the Boss units which then feed their own parallel, wet channels on the interface. Effects are recorded live to independent stereo wet tracks so they can be blended and panned however I see fit.

Guitar is a Rickenbacker 650 D made of Walnut and maple, strung up with regular old D'Adarrio 11-49 strings.
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