Reverend Eastsider S vs American Original 60's Strat

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We’re checking out the Reverend Eastsider S in today’s episode and comparing it to Steve’s personal American Original 60’s Start which he loves the sound of. And he is picky about pick ups…

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0:00 – Intro
0:15 – Musical intro
2:05 – Welcome to the Blues Box
4:15 – First Impressions
8:10 – First Sounds
11:32 – Side by Side Comparisons (Clean)
13:48 – Side by Side Comparisons (Crunch)
15:58 – Side by Side Comparisons (Overdrive)
17:49 – Post Sounds Thoughts
26:25 – Push/Pull Pot Sounds

Hope you enjoy this episode, thanks for watching.

Intro music is Copyright to Jeff & Steve / The Blues Box ©2022
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