Reverend Guitars Rick Vito Signature Soul Agent • Wildwood Guitars Overview

Rick Vito wanted to capture the tonal magic from the early Reverend Guitars while keeping his latest model modern. The Rick Vito Signature Soul Agent is a Double Agent with a Bigsby and the total Rick Vito treatment. A heavily chambered body is a nod to the earliest Reverend designs. The resonant body has a lively, full tone that pops with harmonics and pleasing overtones. The push-pull “twang” setting re-voices the pickups for a tighter, more percussive sound. In combination with the push-pull “phase”, a total of 8 unique tones are possible. Add in the Bigsby for even more options. Classic Rick Vito aesthetics include checkerboard binding and custom graphics on the bridge pickup. This is one beautiful guitar!

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