Review 4" Studio Monitors Pair-Bietrun 2021

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60W High-Power Speaker: YX01 studio monitor comes with one pair, Each speaker has one 10W treble and 20W bass, totally is 60W. Profession low frequency port with the 4-inch woven-composite woofer to feel the tighter and Deep bass, 1-inch silk-dome tweeter concert to Clear and loud treble, creating a large best listening area to music production or music.
Balanced: Comes with 6.35mm Balanced L+R input and RCA Unbalanced input, Adjusting the Balanced through the treble knob on the back and the bass knob on the Front. Very suitable for music production, tiktok video, youtube video, recording editing, monitoring and so on.
3-Types of Microphone input: 3 different types of microphone jacks: XLR 6.35mm wired microphone jack 6.35mm wireless microphone jack, they can be used for wired/wireless Microphone, Electric Guitars, Mixer, Electric Bass, Party Karaoke etc.
Digital input: Optical and coaxial input can be used for smart TV, Computer, Power amplifier to Use as a playback speaker. It can also be used as a bookshelf speaker to play music Control the sound level through the front VOL knob.
5 Mode switching: Select the current connection mode by clicking the VOL button on the front, Otherwise, it might be no sound.(Purple: LINE1 mode. Blue: Bluetooth mode. White: Fiber mode. Orange: Coaxial mode. Green: TRS mode and with light indicator ), We provide a one-year warranty.

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