Review of SmartPlug RV Power Cord - 30 Foot Power Cord 30 Amp SmartPlug Conversion Set - SM39FR

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Full transcript:
Hi there. I'm Michael with Today, we're gonna take a quick look at the smart plug, 30 foot, 30 amp RV power cord and stainless steel inlet set. This 30 foot long cord and 30 amp inlet is going to allow you to switch out your older style twist in inlet on your RV, so that you can securely plug your RV into a power receptacle at your site, utilizing the benefits of the smart plug system. Now, this is a 30 foot long cord, it's rated for 30 amps and a voltage of 125 volts. So, you wanna make sure that it's gonna work for your setup, but this is going to provide the inlet that has the same mounting holes as your original style twist in inlet.

So, it can be very simple to install. They include a foam gasket to ensure a nice snug fit, and they also have instructions to walk you through how to get this installed, so that you can just switch out that old inlet for this one. And this will provide that nice connection for your power cord. We'll go over some of the benefits of this over the older style twist in inlets here in a moment. But I do wanna show off the stainless steel cap that's gonna form a weatherproof seal on your inlet when you're not using it.

So you're not gonna have to worry about water getting in there touching those connections or anything like that. It is nice and snug on there. So it takes a little bit to pop it up, and it's got several points at which it will come down, and then if you press it all the way in, it will have that nice firm connection there. So, this inlet has a unique shape to it, as you can see. So unlike your twist in style, there's only one way that your plug will go in.

So, if we try and plug it in any other way, it's not gonna work for us. So it only goes into one direction. That's gonna make it much easier to get hooked up at night when it's dark, you get to the campsite late, and you're just wanting to get connected to power. It only plugs in the one way. It is a straight fit.

So these prongs are going to have a 20% increased pin contact, because they are those straight prongs there you can see. So these are going to be a lot more efficient for you. It's gonna produce less heat. Those contacts are gonna have a really nice firm connection. And the sleeve design that we have here is going to make sure that the pressure of supporting the cord is not put on those prongs. It's actually on the sleeve itself, so that if we trip over the cord, or the weight of the cord or anything like that, it's not going to potentially loosen those prongs, because the weight is actually supported by the outer sleeve instead of the prongs themselves. You can see when I push this in, we do have these marine grade 316 stainless steel side locking levers, click into place that hold it there. Then our lid also has this tab up at the top that will fit into lot here on our plug. So, we're gonna have three different ways of getting that connected. So, it's gonna be a nice firm secure connection. We're not gonna have to worry about it getting pulled out by accident. If we do trip over it, it's not gonna hurt those prongs. So, everything is gonna be very secure for us. And then to release it, just push in on the sides there, and pull it out. Another benefit of the sleeve is that this is going to help with weatherproofing your connection. So because this orange portion of our inlet is going to go inside that portion there, water's not gonna be able to get in there, and cause any problems with our connection. This back portion of our plug is also weather resistant. So none of our connections are going to be exposed to the elements. So it's gonna be a really great connection, very long lasting for us. On the mail side of the plug, it is going to be your standard 30 amp outlet connection type. So you plug it into your 30 amp outlet on your electrical box. It will also work with adapters like we have here. And then when we're ready to unplug it, there's a little fold up handle there on the side. It's going to allow us to put a couple fingers in, give us an extra little leverage to pull that out, and then it can fold right back in place. So it's not gonna be sticking out as we walk past it or anything. So very easy to connect and disconnect that. When we get this plugged in to our shore power, on the female side, you can see we got this blue LED indicator that is going to confirm that we have that connection made so that we know we're hooked up to the power, and we're getting a sturdy signal, and everything is coming
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