Reviewing of Micro USB Digital Multifunction Timer Switch XY LJ02تيمر ديجيتال 7 برامج UPDATED 2022

Reviewing of Micro USB Digital Multifunction Timer Switch XY LJ02تيمر ديجيتال 7 برامج UPDATED 2022

مؤقت بشاشة قابل للبرمجة Timer Relay Delay Switch Module XY-LJ02

Reviewing of Micro USB Digital LCD Display Time Delay Relay Module DC 6-30V Control Multifunction Timer Switch Trigger Cycle XY-LJ02_UPDATED 2022

Chapters of this video
00:48 Interface Description
04:13 Dimensions
04:43 Wiring Diagrams
08:17 Program 1
11:41 Program 2
14:03 Program 3
16:38 Program 4
21:50 Program 5
28:12 Program 6
32:47 Program 7
37:55 Relay function selection(OUTPUT “Flashed” & OUTPUT “Not Flashed”)
40:53 How to choose the timing range
46:31 Automatic Sleep Function

Product Highlights:
1.Display with LCD two columns, Can display parameters directly;
2.Trigger mode: high and low level,switch most of the needs.
3.Power supply: 6~30V, also supports micro USB 5.0V, very convenient Anti back connection of power supply.
4.Parameters can be modified via UART.
5.Stop button to provide emergency stop function.
6.5 minutes without any operation into a low-power state. Any action wake up.
7.OP/CL/LP parameters can be modified individually
8.All parameters are automatically saved by power off.

Product Parameters:
1.Power Supply: 6V~30V and micro USB 5.0 V
2.Trigger signal source: High level(3.0V~24.0V),Low level(0.0V ~0.2V),Switch signal.
3.Maxmum Output load: DC 30V 10A and AC 250V 10A.
4.Static Current: 15mA Operating current: 50mA.
5.Service life: more than 100,000 times; working temperature: -40-85°C; size: 8.0*3.8*1.9cm.
6.Optocoupler isolation,Strong anti-interference ability,Industrial grade circuit board
Timing Range:
0.01 sec~9999 min

How to choose the timing range:
In the OP/CL parameter modification interface, press the STOP button shortly to select the timing range.
XXXX Timing range:1sec~9999sec
XXX.X Timing range:0.1sec~999.9sec
XX.XX Timing range:0.01sec~99.99sec
X.X.X.X Timing range:1min~9999min

Parameter Description:OP on-time, CL off time, LOP cycle times (1 - 9999 times, "----" represents an infinite number of cycles)

Parameter Settings:
a)Press and hold the SET key to enter the setting interface;
b)First set the working mode, work mode flashes reminder, set the working mode by pressing the UP / DOWN keys;
c)Short press the SET button to select the working mode and enter the system parameter settings.
d)In the system parameter setting interface, press SET key to switch the system parameters to be modified, and press / long press UP/DOWN key to modify.(Note: Short press SET in P-1~P-3, P-7 mode is invalid);
e)In the OP/CL parameter modification interface, short press STOP to switch the timer unit (1s/0.1s/0.01s/1min);
f)After all parameters are set, press and hold the SET button for more than 2 seconds to release the hand, save the parameter settings and exit the setting interface
1.Remote data upload and parameter setting functions:
The system supports UART parameter reading and writing functions;

Additional features:
a)Low-power state: In the running interface, by pressing the STOP button for a long time, the Low-power function is started or closed (L-P selects on to start the hibernation function, and off turns off the hibernation function);
b)Relay function selection: In the operation interface, by pressing the STOP button shortly, the relay function is started or closed, 'on' meets the conduction condition relay normally turns on, 'OFF' meets the conduction condition relay does not turn on; 'OFF' In the state, the system flashes 'OUT';
c)Parameter view: In the operation interface, short press the SET key to display the current parameter setting of the system, without affecting the normal operation of the system;
d)Display content switching: In P-5 P-6 mode, switch display content (run time/cycle number) by pressing DOWN key momentarily;

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And should be performed only by professionals

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