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The Shawn Tubbs signature Tilt overdrive is the culmination of over 30 years of session work and world tours with top musicians. With Revv’s design expertise, the core overdrive circuit delivers a touch responsive amp-style drive that can meld into whatever sound is in your head, not just Shawn’s! The bass and treble are largely to thank for this kind of record-ready tone with a huge useable range
But the key ingredient in this stackable drive is the Tilt EQ boost at the front end.
Shawn’s experience with studio mixes really helped dial in what type of boost should be included with this pedal, since a full frequency boost can sometimes turn your tone into mush, instead of helping you cut through. CCW the tilt EQ cuts lows and adds highs and vice versa when CW, more low end less high end. Plus, the 3-way tight switch allows you to set the overall low frequency amount to avoid any flubby, bloated bass after you’ve found your sweet spot with the other controls.
Like all Revv products, the Shawn Tubbs Signature Series Tilt Overdrive is a high quality build from Canada and employs an 18V DC circuit internally for increased headroom and dynamics. Check it out at

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