Rich's Take On The PRS SE Silver Sky, Orange Guitar Butler, Walrus Slötvå - CatPick Fridays EP 46

In this week's CatPick Fridays episode Rich and Vlad discuss the PRS SE Silver Sky (again), Fender CEO's comments on guitar and amp stock shortages, Boutique Amps Distribution's mini amps discount on Thomann, possible Kirk Hammet and Adam Jones signature Gibson Guitars, Walrus Audio Slötvå Multi Texture Reverb, TC Electronic Infinite Sample Sustainer and in weekend watch we check out Best Riffs of the 80's, UK vs USA.

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PRS SE Silver Sky: https://geargods.net/news/prs-unveils-pricing-for-john-mayer-se-silver-sky-model/
Fender CEO talks about guitar and amp stock shortages: https://www.musicradar.com/news/fender-guitar-stock
BAD Amps On Dicount: https://www.thomann.de/fi/thlpg_b2ct02ii6d.html
Kirk Hammet Signature Gibson Flying V: https://geargods.net/news/is-metallicas-kirk-hammett-teasing-a-signature-gibson-flying-v/
Adam Jones Guitar: https://geargods.net/gear-mystery/whats-this-gibson-flying-v-tools-adam-jones-is-playing/
Orange Guitar Butler: https://guitar.com/news/gear-news/orange-introduces-the-guitar-butler-a-fully-featured-rig-in-a-box-preamp-pedal/
Walrus Audio Slötvå Multi Texture Reverb: https://geargods.net/news/walrus-audio-invades-your-dreams-with-new-slotva-multi-texture-reverb/
TC Electronic Infinite Sample Sustainer: https://geargods.net/news/loop-forever-with-tc-electronics-new-infinite-sample-sustainer/
Best Riffs of the 80's, UK vs USA! Ft/Nick Bowcott: https://youtu.be/ZonEg1GMpcc

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00:00 Intro
05:13 Rich's Take On PRS SE Silver Sky
14:23 Fender CEO talks about sock shortages
19:02 Boutique Amp Distribution Mini Amps On Discount
22:32 Upcoming Kirk Hammet Signature Gibson Flying V?
25:58 Mysterious Adam Jones Gibson Guitar
30:08 Orange Guitar Butler
39:22 Walrus Audio Slötvå Multi Texture Reverb Pedal
43:54 TC Electronic Infinite Sample Sustainer
51:58 Best Riffs of the 80's

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