RicknDevil Guitar Tube Amp

my home made RicknDevil guitar tube amp. based on a Rickenbacker Model 59 circa 1938!
input is also the Phase Inverter, so only 1 gain stage spread between 2 triodes. original Rickenbacker used a 6N7 dual Triode feeding a pair of 6V6 Beam Pentodes in Push/Pull. no volume no tone controls. use your guitars controls.
my design uses an ECL86 Triode/Pentode, with added cathode bypass caps on both the triode and pentode for more gain and overdrive.
custom built steel chassis housed in an empty VOX Night Train 6x2 cabinet my friend Ed gave me. i replaced the VOX speakers with Jensen's and its amazing how warm and full it sounds for 6 inch speakers.
i "could" get more volume out of it, but i didnt like the overall tone, especially when pushing the front with a boost pedal. so i lowered the overall volume, which gives it more natural overdrive, and sounds amazing when pushed with a boost pedal.
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