Rocksteady World's First Portable Subwoofer Satellite Speaker System VPE

We first reviewed the Rocksteady Stadium Bluetooth speakers last year and came away very impressed. We noted that it was the first portable Bluetooth speaker to offer the flexibility to have multiple speakers work together while offering the flexibility to delight even the most obsessive audio tweaker.

Read our Review of Rocksteady Stadium Bluetooth Speakers: https://bit.ly/3lVbLsK
Buy the Rocksteady Speaker: https://amzn.to/3pgDp5q

The Rocksteady Stadium speakers offer a simple switch to set each speaker to Left, Right, or to dual audio channels, and you can connect unlimited numbers of speakers to open up endless configuration options.

The Rocksteady Stadium speakers also feature AWSM, a sound processing engine that works to remove compression artifacts while extending the frequency range, and in our testing we concluded that they were easily the most impressive we had heard coming from any small Bluetooth portable speaker.

In our review, we wrote how we hoped that they would someday add a Rocksteady Stadium Subwoofer and we are pleased to announce they listened. This past summer, Rocksteady Corp. CEO Jeff Leitman visited our Staff Writer Wayde Robson and demoed their new subwoofer and we were duly impressed. The subwoofer transformed the audioscape into a truly high fidelity experience and we can see how Rocksteady can be a gateway hi-fi system for people who want portability and affordability.

The Rocksteady Stadium Subwoofer is a potential game changer to the mobile Bluetooth Speaker category, and partnered with the Rocksteady Stadium speakers provides a complex and full sound that surprises the listener with clarity, fullness and warmth. The Subwoofer is launching in Q12-22, and is available for pre-order now. Or grab a few Rocksteady Stadium Speakers now and add the subwoofer when it arrives next year to get a headstart in enjoying music wherever you go.

More Info on Rocksteady Portable Subwoofer: For more info: https://bit.ly/3BURn0B
Buy the Rocksteady Speaker: https://amzn.to/3pgDp5q

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