Rodenberg SL-OD Overdrive (Steve Lukather) - Demo

Rodenberg SL-OD Overdrive (Steve Lukather)

The new Rodenberg SL-OD is a dual overdrive pedal based of the sound of Steve Lukather (TOTO). Big fan or not, it's clearly a very good overdrive / distortion pedal. A lot of possibility in the box !

Effect :

Digitech Polara : Reverb - (always set in Room Reverb in this demo)

Guitars used :

Godin LG (2009)
Fender Stratocaster Std (Mex , 2003)

Amp : Engl Gigmaster 15 Head
Cab : Marshall 1936 (mono)

Recorded with a nikon D5300 with Rode VideoMicro.

Played by Alexandre J.

Drop D


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