Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus Ultimate Review: all you need to know about this amp...and more!


Super in depth review of the Roland JC-40. I'm try to answer every question received and everything that's been said on the internet.

Long video, so here's the topics, so you can skip wherever you may prefer

00:00 Intro Song
02:18 Greetings and Description
03:17 CHAPTER 1: Which Amp to choose?
06:18 Interlude
06:49 CHAPTER 1: Features
07:08 CHAPTER 2: The "HISS"
08:56 CHAPTER 3: Mics VS Line Out Recording
10:17 CHAPTER 4: Bright Switch and EQ
18:43 CHAPTER 5: "that" Distortion
22:16 CHAPTER 6: The Reverb
24:10 CHAPTER 7: Modulation
30:30 CHAPTER 7: Amp Modulation VS Boss Pedals
42:12 CHAPTER 8: How JC40 handles Pedals
53:05 CHAPTER 9: JC40 and different guitars - Solid with Single Coils
56:29 CHAPTER 9: JC40 and SolidBody with HB
59:13 CHAPTER 9: JC40 and Hollowbody
01:06:30 CHAPTER 9: JC40 and SemiHollow
01:11:36 Conclusions

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