Rotary Encoder (KY-040) Debounce Circuit Tutorial

In this tutorial we look at how to combat switch bounce when using a rotary encoder with a debounce circuit made up of fairly basic components (see below). We use the KY-040 encoder as the test subject in the video. Below is the parts list from the video and a link to the ForceTronics blog where you can find the Arduino code used for the test application in the video.
Parts list: BAS16-HE3-18 (Diode), SN74LVC1G17QDCKRQ1 (Schmitt Trigger), standard 0805 resistors (300ohms and 15kohms), and 4.7uF 0805 ceramic capacitor

Link to code: https://forcetronic.blogspot.com/2021/11/how-to-build-switch-debounce-circuit.html
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