Rotel RA920AX Amplifier Repair

Intermittent loss of Audio both channels and distortion.

The video shows the internal state of the Amplifier prior to repair.
The circuit board is covered in dust and nicotine.

Nicotine coats everything and causes a lot of issues and a lot of time is required to thoroughly remove it, often potentiometers and switches have to be replaced as they cannot be cleaned with De-Oxit.

The input selection and tape switches were removed from the board and taken apart, the contacts were cleaned with a fibre glass pencil fixing the intermittent loss of Audio and distortion at low volume.

DC offset checked low at a few millivolts.

Bias checked no adjustment required.

Amplifier fully tested working correctly.

Note: The two speaker protection fuses T4 Amp had to fitted as they were missing.
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