RSR353 - Tyler Campbell - Alder Audio Ribbon Microphones - How To Record With The H44

My guest today is Tyler Campbell CEO the founder of Alder Audio, an Ann Arbor, Michigan based company pushing the boundaries of ribbon mic design. Alder Audio launched in February 2021 with the H44, a workhorse ribbon mic with a patented capsule and durable herringbone ribbon.

Before founding Alder, Tyler worked in product development as a chemist and engineer. He specializes in developing products related to materials design and has worked on a diverse array of projects, from high power lithium batteries to automotive communication cable, to adhesives you can find on the shelf of your local hardware store.

Tyler is also a self-proclaimed gear addict and lifelong home recording enthusiast, who grew up with a front row seat to his family’s small manufacturing business in Wisconsin. The H44 design is a direct result of his scientific background combined with his passion for audio, recording, and small business.

I have been trying out the H44 and H44S here at The Toy Box Stusio aka RSR HQ and I have to say these mics sound really fantastic! One of the big challenges for me is recording things like drums with bright cymbals and acoustic and electric guitars that can sometimes be too harsh or vocals that have too much edge. The H44 does a beautiful job of smoothing out those instruments and making them mixable and listenable.

So I’m happy to have Tyler joining us on the show today to learn more about Alder Audio and his mission to design a great ribbon microphone at a great price

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