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When people think of hypnosis, they tend to think of how it's portrayed in the movies, typically an act of corruption or voodoo that’s used to manipulate people. What most people don’t know about hypnotherapy is that it’s actually an accredited science with tremendous healing power.

Today on The Dhru Purohit Podcast, Dhru sits down with Dr. David Spiegel, a psychiatrist with more than 40 years of clinical and research experience with hypnosis and psychotherapy. Dhru and Dr. Spiegel discuss the many misconceptions about hypnotherapy and how it can be used as a tool to gain control over the mind and body to help people overcome trauma, heal from disease, and rewire the neurocircuitry of their brains to align with their goals and ambitions.

Dr. Spiegel is a professor and the Associate Chair of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine. In addition, he directs the Center on Stress and Health at Stanford, where he is also the Medical Director of its Center for Integrative Medicine. Dr. Spiegel has been a pioneer in integrating the principles of psychiatry with hypnosis and applying them to cancer therapies, chronic stress, pain control, trauma, and sleep disorders.

He is an advocate for integrating hypnotherapy into conventional psychiatric care and has spoken on the effectiveness of self-hypnosis at the World Economic Forum in Davis in 2018. Dr. Spiegel spearheaded research on hypnotherapy that’s been supported by organizations like the National Institute of Mental Health, the National Cancer Institute, and the National Institute on Aging. His new app, Reveri, is designed to walk you through a step-by-step guide to self-hypnosis to help with sleep, anxiety, performance, breaking bad habits, and any area of your life you want to focus on improving.

In this episode, Dhru and Dr. Spiegel dive into:
-The categories of life that hypnosis can help improve
-A summary of what hypnosis is and what it isn’t
-What’s happening in the brain when it undergoes a state of hypnosis
-The history of hypnosis and how it plays into our evolution
-Common examples of how we tap into the power of hypnosis
-What makes some people more hypnotizable than others
-How Dr. Spiegel has used hypnosis to benefit his own life
-The difference between hypnosis and meditation
-Some of the limitations of hypnosis
-Using hypnotherapy to help you pursue a goal or dream
-Other areas where people have benefited from hypnotherapy
-Dr. Spiegel’s app and other resources for learning about hypnosis

Also mentioned in this episode:
-Dr. Spiegel’s app, Reveri: https://www.reveri.com/
-Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis: https://www.sceh.us/
-American Society of Clinical Hypnosis: https://www.asch.net/aws/ASCH/pt/sp/home_page
-Division 30: Society of Psychological Hypnosis: https://www.apa.org/about/division/div30
-Psychology Today’s Find a Hypnotherapist database: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/therapists/hypnotherapy
-World Economic Forum in Davis in 2018: https://scopeblog.stanford.edu/2018/03/02/could-hypnosis-help-curb-the-opioid-crisis-quite-possibly-says-stanford-researcher/

For more on Dr. David Spiegel’s app, Reveri, check it out on:
-Instagram @reveri: https://www.instagram.com/reveri/?hl=en
-Facebook @tryreveri: https://www.facebook.com/tryreveri/
-Website: https://www.reveri.com

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