RUSSIAN ARMY IS UNDER ATTACK! Ukraine Army Destroys Russian Troops in Kherson Oblast!

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Ukraine's counterattacks against Kherson Oblast continue to cause major crises on the Russian side. Not only is Balakliya under siege, but Ukrainian forces seem to have captured Volokhiv Yar overnight, according to Russian channel Starshe Eddy. Ukraine regained control of the region. According to the information provided by the channel, it is said that Ukraine has made progress in the Kupyansk region and has no intention of stopping.

Another Russian Telegram channel says that Ukraine's missile attacks on Izyum, Kupyansk and other regions in the past week, and in particular the use of HIMARS, have increased. Although the Russian channels have observed that the Ukrainian Army is preparing for the attack for about a month, the fact that they do not make any preparations makes them very uncomfortable. The unrest in the Russian army, which lost half of its ammunition in the region, continues to increase.

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