RX 10 Text Navigation and Speaker Detection: Speed Up Your Dialogue Editing Workflow | iZotope

Discover how the new Text Navigation and Multiple Speaker Detection in RX speeds up your dialogue editing workflow. Text Navigation analyzes audio and displays a text transcription above the spectrogram so you can easily search for specific words or events in a recording. This new feature will help you quickly navigate long dialogue files for editing. You can save even more time navigating through the file by using Multiple Speaker Detection to help find and tag the sections of speech associated with different voices. This is incredibly helpful especially when different speakers require different processing.

Learn more about the latest updates in RX 10, including the new AI-powered Assistant, Dynamic Adaptive Mode, Text Navigation, Multiple Speaker Detection, and Spectral Recovery. https://izo.to/3cJ0wSl

Explore iZotope’s full audio repair suite, RX Post Production Suite 7:

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