Sabtronics 8110A Frequency Counter: History, Overview, Demonstration, Power Supply Hack, Theory

In this video, I follow up on my earlier video about the Sabtronics model 2000, a pioneering effort at the dawn of affordable digital multimeters, by documenting another Sabtronics device, their somewhat later model 8110A frequency counter.

00:00 Introduction & history/context
02:33 Unboxing
04:49 Overview
06:22 Initial tests
09:01 User's manual (excerpts)
10:24 Case details
11:36 Opening the case
12:09 Internal views
21:27 Power supply hacks (AC wall-wart and added heatsink)
26:55 Closing the case
27:54 Demonstration
37:04 Beauty shot
37:16 Schematic diagram & theory of operation
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