SAE 2400 Stereo Power Amplifier - Repairing, Restoring, Testing. Great Vintage Amp From The 1970's.

This video discusses the restoring, repairing and testing of a vintage SAE 2400 stereo power amplifier The SAE 2400 power amplifier is a fine example of the golden era of old school stereo equipment. Being designed and built in the USA this SAE 2400's 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms is more then enough power for most speakers and the people who listen to them. I'm never disappointed with this SAE amplifier when I have it installed in one of my systems.

I am a hobbyist that repairs and collects vintage stereo gear. Every piece of equipment that you see in my video's is mine. I don't repair other people's equipment and then send them back to their owners. I repair, restore, and bench test every unit. I then install each unit into my own stereo system and do what they were meant to do. Play Music!

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