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HELLLO, Friends I am Showing You Many Ampifier board

वीडियो में दिखाए गए एंपलीफायर बोर्ड अगर आप खरीदना चाहते हो तो नीचे दिए गए इस नंबर पर हमसे कांटेक्ट करिए इंडिया पर कहीं पर हम आपके यह जो प्रोडक्ट है डिलीवर कर पाएंगे PHONE/WHATSAPP 9990602065

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250/500w driver-

501 driver-

1200w driver-

2000w driver-

2k2 driver-

500w mono-

600w mono-

750w mono-

tip142-147 12vdc -

800w 3055-

sp 1-

50-0-50 15 ampere transformer-

150w mon-

3ic bt-

5532 1000w bt-

200w stereo-

1200w stereo audio board-

3055 260w stereo-

2200w board -

power supply-

2.1 kit review,

3055 kit board review,

5.1 kit board review,

stk-4141 kit board review,

4440 kit board review,

7297 kit board review,

Mosfet 1941-5198 kit board review,

1000w amplifier board,
2200w amplifier board,
600w mono amplifier board,
400w amplifier board,
200w stereo amplifier board,
5200 Mosfet amplifier board,

5200 and 1943 amplifier kit,

stk4141 amplifier kit amplifier board,

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