Samsung Q990D + Music Frame + Frame TV: Best 2024 Soundbar System Setup Explained

The Samsung Music Frame is finally out and we finally know all the details on how it can contribute to arguably the most epic SB system to date. Because I'm nice, I add a Music Frame buyers guide so that my viewer can be smarter than the other guy's viewer. #SamsungMusicFrame #Q990D #Best2024SoundbarSystem

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00:00 - intro
00:16 - Q990D and Music Frame Compatibility
01:30 - Cost of full setup
02:08 - Q990D Review Plan
02:44 - Music Frame - Design and Customization
03:32 - Music Frame - Diver Array
03:46 - Music Frame - Wireless Connection & How to Stream Atmos
04:21 - Music Frame Controls
04:40 - Music Frame - Sound Adjustments and Technologies
05:26 - Music Frame - Configuration Options
06:58 - New Channel Announcement
08:04 - Fortune Teller (2023)
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