Saxophone Chord Etude

One of my favorite things to practice in order to gain chord fluency and technique, is fast and EVEN arpeggios that will produce the perfect chord sound, and at the same time contribute to my finger technique, ears and musicality.
The main reason I started doing this was to be able to hear a chord progression with ONLY using my saxophone, so I needed to play the arpeggios/Inversions fast enough to get hear the vertical sound of the chords as well as the melodic side of them. I try to come up with the chord progression without using a piano, simply thinking of effective voice leading and interesting chord movements.
You'll notice I include at least one passing tone (non-chord tone) on each chord in order to make the line more melodic and fluent.

I started posting these on Instagram and they've been getting a lot of attention, so I'll start posting them here as well!

I've decided to to write a new E-book with these exercises, and it is officially IN PROCESS!

Stay Tuned!

Hope you enjoy this one

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