Schiit Folkvangr Tube Headphone Amp - Crazy good or just crazy?

Schiit Folkvangr: https://www.schiit.com/products/folkvangr
A review of the unique, OTL and OCL amp, the Folkvangr from Schiit including how it sounds, which headphones it works best with and a few tube rolling options.

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00:00 Introduction
01:15 Glamour video
02:10 Specs, tubes, inputs/outputs
03:48 Gain and output impedance
05:21 Impedance multiplier
06:18 Tubes
10:35 Sound quality
10:49 The OTL / OCL sound
15:49 Headphone pairings
16:28 ZMF Atrium pairing
17:37 ZMF Verite Open pairing
19:00 Focal Clear MG pairing
19:45 Impedance multiplier impressions 1
23:31 Meze Elite pairing
24:05 DCA Expanse pairing
24:49 Sendy Peacock pairing
25:43 HiFiMan Arya Stealth pairing
26:22 Impedance multiplier impressions 2
27:43 Headphone pairing conclusions
28:46 Tube rolling
30:37 Philips 7062 as pre-amp tube
32:11 6N1P (stock) pre-amp tubes
33:13 Philips 7062PW as pre-amp tube
34:49 Amperex Bugle Boy 6DJ8 as pre-amp tube
36:37 Tube rolling conclusions
37:23 Final conclusions

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