Secret Soviet Amp // Mig 60 Hand Wired

I build a speaker cab for my Sovtek Mig 60, using only recycled materials found in this Barn Home Recording Studio. I’ll change tubes, do some sound comparisons, and record a full song using this vintage handwired point to point amp, a Tascam 388 tape machine, and some old instruments.

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This 1980s Sovtek Mig-60 was designed to sound like a Marshall JCM 800, only it's handwired, and the jcm uses PCB board. That's weird. This is the loudest amp ever.

This celestion speaker is woefully underpowered, but the spirit and mission behind this home studio build is to use free or affordable items only and to record great stuff with the things I have. Therefore, I’m going to use this 25 watt celestion speaker in a home made speaker cab using old lumber from the 1950s. There’s no other way as far as I’m concerned.

I had a bag of old tubes, and decided to try out a couple and see if they were better than what was in there. I don’t hear much of a difference, do you? I was surprised how beefy this speaker could send especially since I turned the bass knob all the way to zero.

Do you know what a speaker sounds like without a cabinet? Let’s find out in this comparison.

I was pretty surprised to hear the result.So as it turns out, this is the most beautiful speaker cab ever built. I didn’t plan on that.

What do you think? I’d love to know your thoughts.

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