Sega Game Gear - CleanJuice Rechargeable Battery Mod Installation!

What’s up modders! Today, we’re going show you how to install the brand new CleanJuice Game Gear Rechargeable USB-C Battery Mod. It’s time to ditch those old batteries and achieve maximum power! Grab a snack and let’s get ready to get JUICED (at least that’s what I say when I’m about to go the gym, still applies here I think)?

At a glance, we will learn how to detach your Sega Game Gear, unscrew its components, install the battery module and re-attach your Sega Game Gear with your brand-new battery mod. We will have detailed narration, highlights and captions to help guide you through it all! Additionally, we will have all appropriate links of each part listed in this video, as well as links to that cool baby blue Sega Game Gear mod that we made specifically for this video.

| Chapters |
0:00 Introduction
0:30 Website & Parts
0:48 Unscrewing Game Gear
1:15 Detaching Motherboard Components & Attaching Board
2:11 Snipping Old Battery Wires
2:37 Removing Battery Contact Tabs
2:56 Removing Battery Contacts
3:15 Installing Batteries & Feeding Wires
4:04 Attaching Battery Wires To Board
4:44 Organizing Wires & Attaching Battery Cover
5:04 Reconnecting Motherboard Components To Board
6:00 Closing & Rescrewing Game Gear
6:23 Gameplay & Custom Mod
6:38 Outro

| Parts Shown For This Specific Mod |
CleanJuice Game Gear Rechargeable USB-C Battery Module:

| Parts For Our Custom Baby Blue Sega Game Gear |
SEGA Game Gear Prestige Shell:

SEGA Game Gear CleanScreen – RetroSix:

Sega Game Gear TFT LCD for CleanScreen:

Game Gear CleanAmp v1.0 Audio Amplifier:

SEGA Game Gear Glass Screen Lens – Tempered:

SEGA Game Gear CleanPower USB-C Power Regulator:

SEGA Game Gear Prestige Buttons:

SEGA Game Gear Silicone Membranes:

SEGA Game Gear Speaker:

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