Sequential Circuits TAKE 5 Analog Synth Factory Presets (No Talking)


The Take 5 Factory Presets are run through a small amount of Valhalla Shimmer. Check out Valhalla effects which are some of the best in the industry.


Dave Smith and the gang at Sequential have cooked up something special with the Take 5 compact polyphonic analog synthesizer. The Take 5 brings polyphonic analog synthesis and the legendary Sequential sound to a new generation of synthesists. It’s affordable, portable, and approachable — an ideal synth for newcomers and seasoned synth wizards alike.

Though compact, the Take 5 certainly doesn’t skimp on tone! Its five voices are massive, owing to its all-analog dual VCOs. Plus, its splendid 4-pole resonant VCF is inspired by the Prophet 5 Rev 4, a modern classic steeped in tradition. With ample modulation options, including two 5-stage envelopes and one global LFO and one freely assignable LFO — there are few areas of subtractive synthesis you can’t explore with the Take 5. Not only is the Take 5 a stellar sound design tool, but it’s also a brilliantly conceived performance instrument that features a satisfying Fatar keybed with aftertouch and velocity sensitivity. You can even split the keys into two performance zones with different octave ranges!

Whether it’s your first polyphonic synth or your 50th, the Sequential Take 5 is an ultra-versatile, extremely fun polysynth! The Take 5’s five voices are each powered by two glorious voltage-controlled oscillators that can both growl and sing. They sport continuously variable waveshapes — from sine and sawtooth to pulse, giving you a huge pallet of timbres to draw from when creating sounds. Pump up the low end with the uber-fat square wave sub-octave generator and shape the tone of the synth even further with hard-sync, front-panel frequency modulation, and selectable keyboard tracking for each oscillator. Next, take control of the 4-pole resonant low-pass filter based on Sequential’s flagship Prophet 5 Rev 4 — it’s the ultimate in creamy analog filtering!

The Take 5 provides an ideal platform for aspiring synthesists to learn the art of patch design. As you progress, its ample modulation controls will facilitate endless explorations into sound design. Synth experts will more than appreciate the Take 5’s myriad modulation options, too, which include two 5-stage envelope generators (ADSR and delay) and two LFOs (a global LFO and a freely assignable LFO) with five available waveshapes. Routing modulation sources to their destinations is a breeze, and you can take advantage of the mod wheel, an expression pedal, and the aftertouch-enabled keybed to transform your patches in real time.

The tactile experience of working with the Take 5’s switches, knobs, and wheels is one of the most enticing parts of this compact powerhouse poly. The Take 5 gives you detailed control over every parameter with its semi-knob-per-function design, allowing you to turn patches into living, breathing performance. The Take 5’s premium Fatar keybed feels wonderful under your fingertips, and the mod wheel and the spring-loaded pitch wheel are very responsive and a joy to use. It’s great for getting the most out of the Take 5’s split-zone and aftertouch capabilities.

There’s also an arpeggiator and step-sequencer on deck for creating 80s-style ostinatos and tweakable sequences. Like all Sequential synths, the Take 5’s raw sound is something to behold. But every synthesist at Sweetwater will tell you that synths plus effects equal instant sonic satisfaction! To that end, Sequential equipped the Take 5 with a robust digital effects section, which includes a dedicated reverb with damping, pre-delay, decay, and tone controls, in addition to a multi-effect with three delay types, five modulation effects, distortion, and a highpass filter. Plus, there’s a dedicated overdrive effect for adding some heat and aggression to any sound! This all-analog polysynth boasts modern reliability and high-fidelity sonics.


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