Server Rack 24U to a 48U Rack. Tips, Tricks and Speed Assembly. Electrical Video Next!

It was a lot of work, but it feels GOOD to have that done! Tips and Tricks Incuded Next part, ELECTRICAL! Moving a server rack's worth of gear is a LOT of work, but the payoff is so nice in the end ;) This is a quick video covering the Upgrades, Rearrangements, Racking, Network switch install, KVM install, Dell Server Racking and more.

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0:00 Server Rack Changes I am about to do
1:30 24U Rack Plans when I move it back inside
2:25 Server Racking Speed Video
4:40 How To Rack a KVM
6:25 How to Set Rack Nuts with a Tool
7:26 Ensure you have space gaps between servers in Racks
8:36 How To Rack A Dell R420 Server
9:28 How To Rack Mount Networking Gear

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