Serving up '70s ROCK Tones | Orange 'The Guitar Butler'

If you're leaving your amp at home, be sure to bring The Butler!
More about 'The Guitar Butler' - https://orangeamps.com/guitar-butler/

Orange Amplifications newest JFET based preamp pedal features clean/distortion channels, switchable volumes, FX loop, and an XLR balanced out to send those rock tones directly to FOH.

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Sweetwater - https://imp.i114863.net/qn0xRO

This video contains paid promotion from Orange Amplification.
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Timecodes -
00:00 - Introduction
01:04 - Comparison to Bass Butler
01:28 - Distortion Channel Discussion
02:57 - Distortion Channel Sounds
04:37 - Clean Channel Discussion
05:04 - Clean Channel Sounds
06:18 - Amp Out vs Balanced Out
07:21 - Full Mix Sounds
08:46 - Powering the Butler
09:09 - Conclusion

#guitarbutler #jfet #preamp

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