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At the heart of the Voltage Stabilizer are the regulator coils. While some small capacity regulator coils are uncompensated, all larger capacity voltage stabilizer regulator are fully compensated.
Compensation is a method where by the naturally high reactance of long thin coils, used in the construction of the ‘Reliable’ Regulator coil is limited to a low value across the range of variation.
Limiting the reactance tends to produce a linear variation in the output voltage of the regulator, across the range of operation. Contact pick up tracks are machined onto the faces of the coils. Depending on the required output arrangement there may be tracks on both sides of the coil, or only on one side.
The coils are then mounted on a core of grain oriented silicon steel laminations.
The core and coils are mounted in a steel framework that allows roller contacts to be presented to the coil faces at a constant pressure across the range of operation.
To achieve variation in the output voltage the roller contacts are moved along the coil face. Roller contacts are housed within retaining assemblies that are in turn fixed to a carrier board. The carrier board’s position is maintained by a chain drive system that is in turn attached to the drive mechanism, either hand- or motor-drives.
Low Replacement Cost.
Undistorted output characteristics ie. no wave from distortion.
Moving parts on L.T. side and it’s mass is extremely low, only few Ib-inch torque.
Energy Saving from 5-10% depending upon the voltage variation and number of working hours.
High efficiency (about 99%) and minimum no-load losses ± Simplicity and Flexibility of design.
On Load Step less Voltage Variation with AUTO/SEMI/MANUAL Mode facility.
Long Service Life of 15 -20 Years.
Regulating coils are wound with rectangular conductors on their edge, thus giving high mechanical strength compared to other designs.
Health care & diagnostics – Pathology labs, ICU/Operation theatre equipment
Analytical equipment – Centrifuge, Chromatograph, Hardness Testing
Home Entertainment – Hi-fi Audio equipment, LCD/LED TVs & Home Theatres
Industry – CMM, Access Control Systems, Machine Control Panels, Garments & embroidery, Deep freezer, Mini Offset printing, etc.
Air cooled Stabiliser – Aesthetic looks, Compact size
Oil cooled Stabiliser – Reliability even in dusty, ingress prone environment
Models for outdoor installation.


Variac Type Servo Stabilizer is widely used equipment offering that provides constant output voltage with secured and precise stability. The machinery is developed to add stability to large equipment, shielding it from voltage fluctuation.
It is a conventional technology that uses the dimmer to deliver optimum results as desired. The Variac type servo stabilizer is suitable for most electronics and electrical appliances. It is responsible for protecting the electric appliances from any kind of power fluctuation damages and is designed to ensure their smooth and continuous functioning.
The carbon brushes slide through the dimmer regularly, which enhances the ability of the machine. Developed with the use of super-deep copper wire, the power and performance of the variac type servo stabilizer remain high and so is its efficiency.
At GEESYS, high-quality Variac Type Servo Stabilizers are manufactured, guaranteeing to add a long life, better regulation and advanced design that would meet the demands and requirements of every company. Modifying the traditional design of the stabilizer, Servokon equips it with advanced digital microprocessors that provide a constant output voltage.
Advantages Servo Stabilizer:
It offers a constant output voltage with secured stability.
It is suitable for most electronics and electrical appliances.
It is responsible for minimizing unwanted loss.
It needs no extra power to increase or decrease the voltage.
It reduces the MDI.
It provides constant output voltage stability +/-1%.

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