Shin's Pedals - The Most Faithful Recreation of the Dumble Amp Sound?!

Dumble Amps have become almost mystical! They're so rare that most people can't really define what the Dumble sound is! But Shin's Music's boutique pedals recreated that legendary tone in a pedal, so you can have a Dumble at your feet! |

» Shin's Music Dumbloid Special Overdrive Pedal |
» Shin's Music Double Trouble Drive Pedal |
» Shin's Music 308 Drive Pedal |
» Shin's Music Brown Drive |
» Shin's Music MK-1 Overdrive Pedal |
» Shin's Music Pro Vibe Vibrato Pedal |
» Shin's Music Dumbloid Twin Overdrive Pedal |

Hand made in Tokyo, Japan, Shin's Music's boutique pedals are based on some of the world's most revered amplifiers. Most famously, the legendary Dumble! However, Shin's does a lot more than just Dumple-inspired pedals. They make some of the best boutique overdrives, boosts, compressors and pre-amps we have ever seen.

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