SHOULD be the LAST Power Amplifier Audiophiles Buy..."BUT." Benchmark AHB2 Amplifier Review

Benchmark AHB2 Amplifier is one of the best performing Audiophile Home Amplifier and Studio Amplifier For Passive Speakers. This Amplifier is better than any Class D amplifier I have heard.

Benchmark AHB2:
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0:00 Lowest Distortion Amplifier For Home and Studio?
1:58 Benchmark AHB2 Technology
3:32 How Powerful (Watts) is the Benchmark AHB2
5:21 Best Cable To Use With Benchmark AHB2
7:25 Benchmark AHB2 Sensitivity/Gain Setting
10:26 Benchmark AHB2 Options and Build
12:14 Benchmark Sound Review
16:47 Best Speakers For Benchmark AHB2 Amplifier

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